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  • £17

    Welcome to ‘Henley Extended’ from Watch Strap Style.

    These watch straps are quality, made of calf leather, padded for comfort, stitched for additional strength, have double retaining keepers and are longer than normal straps.  Available in 11 different widths and colours options of black, brown or white, Henley Extended extra-long watch straps tick the boxes and are great value too.

    Length is 190mm for straps up to 14mm.  For 16mm and above the length is 210mm

  • £14

    Welcome to the ‘Subtle Range’ of leather watch straps from ‘The Mayfair Collection’.  Subtle watch straps are good value, made from soft calf leather and are perfect for watches to achieve ‘less is more’.

    Subtle watch straps are purposely not fancy and designed for watches that are!  Fitted to chronographs or brightly coloured dial watches, Mayfair Subtle watch straps let the watch be the hero.

  • £17

    Part of the prestigious ‘Mayfair Collection’, Watch Strap Style presents its Super Crocodile Grain Watch Straps.  Crocodile grain leather watch straps from Watch Strap Style are made from calf leather and have a croc pattern embossed into them during manufacturer.  Crocodile skin leather is unique having a pattern of narrowing rectangular soft cornered shapes running in ever changing lines.  This pattern is replicated in croc grain leather from Watch Strap Style.

    Elegant and sophisticated leather watch straps inspired by the natural world.

    Buy it, fit it, wear it.  Super!

  • £19

    Welcome to ‘Ostrich Grain’ watch straps from Watch Strap Styles ‘Sandbanks Collection’.  Beautiful and distinct watch straps made from calf leather and finished with an Ostrich effect presenting a pattern of slight bumps and smooth areas.  Sandbanks Ostrich Grain watch straps look fabulous on Swiss watches.

  • £11

    Watch Strap Style is delighted to present its ‘Windsor Calf Value’ Range.  Calf leather watch straps which are stitched for strength and come with double retaining keepers.

    Great value, cheap price but not cheap quality.  Windsor Calf Value watch straps are ideal for both gents and ladies watches.

  • Windsor Collection