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  • £68

    Part of the stunning ‘Autentico Collection’, the Autentico Crocodile Range of watch straps are made from genuine crocodile skin.  They are padded for comfort, stitched for strength and have a rich offering of colour variations. Choose from red, pink, tan, blue, brown or white. Autentico Lizard watch straps are available in the following widths – 18mm and 20mm.

    Marry your existing watch dial colour with the matching Autentico watch strap colour or introduce a bright colour to a silver or black dial watch to make an impression.

  • £21

    A part of Watch Strap Styles ‘Kensington Collection’, these suede watch straps enhance Swiss Watches royally.  Manufactured from a quality napped underside leather, they have a soft, warm, fuzzy feeling when worn.  Kensington Suede watch straps are easy to fit and very much enhance Swiss brands such as Raymond Weil or Maurice Lacroix.  They are available in black, brown and light brown.  Size options are 16mm, 18mm and 20mm widths

  • £14

    Welcome to the ‘Subtle Range’ of leather watch straps from ‘The Mayfair Collection’.  Subtle watch straps are good value, made from soft calf leather and are perfect for watches to achieve ‘less is more’.

    Subtle watch straps are purposely not fancy and designed for watches that are!  Fitted to chronographs or brightly coloured dial watches, Mayfair Subtle watch straps let the watch be the hero.

  • £19

    Watch Strap Style presents the The Submerge Resistance Collection.  This is a range of high quality leather watch straps designed and treated to be water resistant.  Beautiful straps that can stay on when swimming, showering or hand washing.  Available in different colours and widths, Submerge Resistance Watch Straps are rugged and look fabulous too.

  • £27

    Welcome to the ‘Bold’ range of leather watch straps – part of the Windsor Collection.  Bold by name Bold by nature.  These watch straps are heavy-duty, strong, durable and are aesthetically stunning.

    Windsor Bold straps very high quality and are suitable for sports styles and brands from Tag Heuer through to Rolex.

Light Brown Watch Straps

Light brown is high demand watch strap colour.  Every material of watch strap produced has a light brown option.  Leather, silicone, fabric or resin materials all produce light brown watch straps.  Watch Strap Style has all these and in different finishes such as plain leather, croc grain, ostrich grain, shark grain and lizard grain are just a few types of light brown straps.  Light brown watch straps work with just about any dial colour.




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