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Extra Long Watch Straps

There are different reasons why an extra-long watch strap might be required.  Some people simply have large wrists, others are generally large framed and some just like the additional length and option to wear their watch on a looser hole. Watch Strap Style has a range of extra long leather watch straps which are either padded, flat, stitched or a combination of the two.  Colours of WSS extra long watch straps range from traditional black and brown to bright colours such as yellow or pastels shades in pink. In terms of length, Watch Strap Style Extra Long straps that have a width of up to 14mm are 190mm long (19cms). For straps that are 16mm or wider, the length is 210mm (21cm). Additional to Extra Long, Watch Strap Style has two straps which are Extra Extra Long.  There are 235mm (23.5cm) and called; 'Heavy Cut Black Extra Extra Long'




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