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Long or Extra long watch straps are the perfect choice for people who want to make wearing a wristwatch a little more comfortable also ideal for people who just like the additional length or option to wear their watch on a looser hole.

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Extra Long Watch Straps

Extra long watch straps are different lengths depending on the lug width. Straps that measure up to 14mm in width are 190mm or 19cms long this is excluding the watch head. For straps that are 16mm or wider, the length is 210mm or 21cm again excluding the watch head.

If you are unsure whether you need an XL strap, you can measure your wrist’s circumference using seamstress tape or using a piece of string and a ruler. Keep in mind that you will need to factor in your watch case’s width when determining the total strap length needed. You can do this by measuring from the 12 position to the 6 position and add this to the full length including the strap.

Longer straps are also available if you need additional length. These XXL straps are 235mm or 23.5cm in length and available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm. These particular watch straps are the longest straps available.