Breathe new life into your old watch

Watches are very versatile, you can wear them with countless outfits and they always look the part, but sometimes it’s just nice to wear something a little different for a change. Buying a new watch isn’t really necessary these days, why spend lots of money on a new one, when you can revamp your old watch by introducing a new watch strap.

Update the look of your watch easily

Watch straps, come in all shades, textures, widths, lengths and design, so you can really go to town, and transform the look of your watch, just by changing the strap. Changing the strap isn’t an onerous exercise either because most watches have spring bars that are quick release and can be changed effortlessly.


Changing your watch strap instead of replacing your watch is so much cheaper than buying a new one. For a much smaller amount of money, you can easily put together a fabulous collection of watch straps, that will breathe new life into your old watch.

Endless choices

Create a fabulous new look and style by removing your old watch strap, and replacing it with a beautiful genuine skin strap for formal occasions. For a smart, casual look, you could opt for a suede watch strap, that will add just a touch of chic. If you love to spend time outdoors, then a soft silicone strap makes perfect sense, or a durable waterproof strap is another option.

There’s a huge selection available, and as well as being highly practical, they all come in a range of exciting shades to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Even if your favourite watch has a quirky dial design, you are more than likely going to find a watch strap to complement it.

At Watch Strap Style, we have a huge selection of high quality watch straps to suit every taste and budget. This includes watch straps for Swiss brands, fashion watches, sports watches, traditional watches and smart watches. With over 1,600 styles to choose from and over 20 colour choices, we can guarantee you will find a nice selection of watch straps that will transform your old watch and give it a new lease of life.