Which watch strap to buy?

Which watch strap to buy?

Can and should I replace my watch strap? If I do, what if I’ve not done fitted it properly and it comes off, and I damage or worse still I lose it?

When we first wear a new watch, we’re super cautious with it. We take if off before venturing into the garden to pot plants and remove it before we pick up a paintbrush decorate the kitchen. As time passes, we become less careful and perhaps even forget we are wearing a watch. It gets the odd knock, a scratched glass, we sleep in it, and general wear and tear happen. The part of the watch that gets most worn and usually looks worse for wear is the strap.

There is a massive misconception in the watch trade about where one should buy a replacement watch strap. Many think the company who manufactured the watch should be the first port of call for a new strap. This is not the case. It is an option but usually an expensive one. Out of all the of watches and all the brands ever produced, only a small selection require watch straps that are model specific and require a special fitment. Casio G Shock is one where only the original is suitable.

If your watch has a traditional style leather strap which, then providing you know the measurements between the two lugs of the watch you can fit any style or colour strap you wish. It’s straightforward to measure the size and you usually don’t even need to remove the old strap to do so. Measuring the distance across the lugs in millimetres will give you the width (referred to as ‘size’) of the strap that you require. The most popular sizes are 12mm, 18mm, 20mm and more recently 22mm as watches have become larger in recent years. Sizes available however are from the very narrow 6mm to the super-wide 38mm.

When you know the size of the strap that needs replacing, then the choice becomes yours as to the colour, style and type of strap that you would like as your replacement.