Watch Strap Style is born October 2019. Welcome to our site!

The website is a joint venture between two former colleagues from the UK’s most successful retail watch repair chain The WATCH Lab – Jonathan Barker & Martyn Bleasdale.

Why sell watch straps online? The guys believe the replacement watch strap industry is a little sleepy and needs to play catch-up. There are a handful of decent players supplying reasonably priced reasonable quality products and lots of websites selling cheap & poor quality merchandise.

WSS is determined to change the industry by doing two things.

Firstly, they are on a mission to sell high-quality watch straps for the right and a fair price to the consumer. The straps they supply are for both traditional and smart watches.

The second vision Martyn & Jonathan have is to educate and expand the public’s interest and understanding of watch straps. The watch industry and watch brands see straps as ‘replacement’ ancillary items that should be purchased only when the existing watch strap is worn, faded, split or damaged. This is not how WSS views the market.

Watch Strap Style considers a watch strap as an accessory and an extension of personality. We match our shoes with our handbags, shirts with trousers and jewellery with that day’s particular attire. Yet every day we wear the same watch strap whether it be black, brown or white without a thought to match, co-ordinate or blend. Stop! It doesn’t need to be like this and, there is a better way.

Watch straps and smart watch straps are easy and quick to swap. If you are wearing blue jeans, why not improve your look and wear a matching blue watch strap. Wearing pink Lycra in the gym? Why not co-ordinate with a pink Apple smart watch strap. Is green your favourite colour? Fit a green strap to your FitBit. Love Christmas, wear a red leather strap throughout the festive period.

WSS watch straps are quality, inexpensive, easy to order, easy to fit and come with an industry first unique no quibble 30 day’s return policy.